Lavender-Lemon-Patchouli Zum Bar Soap

Lavender-Lemon-Patchouli Zum Bar Soap

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Zum Bar Soaps are made from whiffable essential oil blends infused into olive, coconut, & castor oils, & goat’s milk. handcrafted with ingredients you can say, spell, & love to smell. Boost your mood & try this Lavender-Lemon & Patchouli Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap.

*Zum Bars contain natural mineral pigments that may stain when rubbed directly on fabrics, washcloths, or clothing.

Mojo Makers: •Natural plant oils like olive, coconut, & castor oils provide next-level hydration sourced by nature. •Goat's Milk provides mega-moisturization.

•Essential oils boost your mood morning, noon, & night.

Scent Profile: Floral lavender & tart lemon pair with earthy patchouli. This blend brings hints of citrus, & earthy-musk, & a touch of sweet calming lavender.

Size: 3 oz.