Glass Cooktop Cleaner

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Therapy Clean Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish reveals incredible shine and a streak-free finish with plant-based cleaning agents you can feel good about. This scratch-free formula easily removes burnt on grease and grime. Simply apply, buff, and admire your like-new cooktop.

How to use:

1. Allow surface to cool.

2. Shake well and apply to soft cloth or scrubbing pad.

3. Wipe & buff to shine.

Feel good!

Safe for use on: Glass and ceramic cooktops.

Ingredients: Filtered water, calcium carbonate (cleaning agent), decyl glucoside (cleaning agent), cocamidopropyl betaine (cleaning agent), dimethicone (polishing agent), lemon essential oil blend (scent), acrylates copolymer (thickener), methylisothiazolinone (preservative)

Things to feel good about: - Streak-Free - Scratch-free - Plant Based - Certified Cruelty Free - Recyclable Packaging