Extra Large Silicone Utensil Rest + Drip Pad

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Keeps Your Countertops Neat & Drip-free!

Made of food-grade, heat-resistant, non-slip silicone. It is dishwasher friendly and BPA-free. Four slots accommodate multiple utensils and spoons. Designed with a lip around the edges that catches any drips.

Reduces the amount of space needed when multitasking.

Less hassle than using paper towels.

Adds Value to Any Kitchen!  

Keeps countertops mess free.

Made of heat resistant silicone

Certified dishwasher friendly

Makes Cooking Less Messy! 

The utensil holder has 4 notches that allow users to rest multiple utensils at once. Drip pad keeps counters clean from a dirty spoon, spatula or ladle. Both fun and functional, it's designed to cradle your dirty kitchen utensils such as spoons, ladles or brushes securely in place while giving a colorful touch to your worktop. More convenient than conventional spoon rester or silicone spoon holder, spatula or ladel dish.