Hair Brush 100% Boar Bristle with Bamboo Handle

Hair Brush 100% Boar Bristle with Bamboo Handle

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Give your hair a health and shine boost with this 100% boar bristle hair brush. Natural beauties love boar bristles for their ability to decrease frizz and breakage, stimulate hair growth, and redistribute your head's natural oils. Unlike our Boar Bristle Hair Brush with detangling nylon bristles, this brush is made exclusively with boar bristles. With a few gentle strokes, you'll be moving oils from the top of your head down through your strands, moisturizing those lovely tresses. No more breakage, no more split ends, not more frizz: just strong, healthy, beautiful hair!

🌿 High Quality Sustainable Bamboo Wood Handle

🌿 Perfect for smoothing and slicking back hair

🌿 Great for all hair types!

🌿 Great Gift for Men & Woman

🌿 Always Cruelty Free!

🌿 Boar Bristles are Shaved - never plucked!