God's Plan Necklace

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About this product

God's Plan Inspired by Exodus 2:11-6:13 There is immense beauty in the details of God. In Exodus, we see God orchestrating all kinds of things for the good of His people. While this does not eliminate hardship and suffering, it results in victory. Every detail of God’s plan was woven into His will, so intricately. Walking in obedience to His will is so vital for our spiritual well being. Like Moses, God called him to lead Israel from slavery. That pivotal detail created a route for the promised Messiah to come. Who knew what would have happened if Israel would have remained enslaved? God had a plan and God made a way. Details in the Design: This piece has a criss cross patterned piece representing that we may not see God's plan as we go through the zig zags + curves but when we step back it is always beautiful.

18" Adjustable Chain 14kt Gold over stainless steel

Tarnish + Water Resistant Pendant measures 3/8" x 5/8"